Great Bear sadly took back seat over the holidays and in the first month of this New Year, 2014. I have been putting my arts and online self on hold – but no more! I still have two more important deadlines to meet, and then I’ll be finishing off a couple of projects and posting about some that are already completed.

In the mean time, here’s two spoilers about what’s coming…

1. A New One-page comic to be published in a print medium – woo!

Excerpt (2)

2. Hopefully, you recognize Battle the Unicorn’s face…

Battle 2a panel 5 (2)


Yep, that’s right — one of these two stories to come is the second installment of Battle the Unicorn’s assault on existence. Spoiler alert: he battles Existentialism. The other story is one for which I’ll only be able to show the steps in creating it — as the final product belongs to the people who will be publishing it, officially.

In the mean time, you can look forward to Sadie Hawkins Chapter 6 (FINALLY) and the promised first portion of M.U.S.E. but spoilers is all I have for now.

Stay warm,



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