Battle the Unicorn #1

Today, we see the arrival of a Great Bear’s first comic strip — Battle the Unicorn. Each month, I’ll be posting a new comic strip for this series (and possibly every other week, if my new gigs don’t take up ALL my time), which is about a unicorn who gets into fights. With all kinds of creatures, entities, and in issue #2, even a concept.

First, here is the rough comic strip page for Battle #1: Vs. Drogo the Dragon:

Battle 1 Rough

Second, here is the complete page:

Battle 1a

You’ll notice that I fixed a few details — mainly the lack of Battle’s horn in the first image. D’oh! Other than that, I’m keeping the drawing style fairly sparse — in order to make it easier to get these out more regularly, and because no arena could do justice to a deadly, homicidal unicorn. I mean, really.

Until next post,


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