Collected in Columbus

This week, I’ll be attending the Columbus College of Art & Design’s Celebration of Comics at Mix 2013 — to both present some of my research on awareness of international comics culture in India and sell some of my collected comics. In particualr, I’m bringing the first collected volume of Sadie Hawkins & the Girl in Question — which includes an exclusive cover image based on the posters for the old Dick Tracy serials. You get the new image, and the first three chapters of The Girl in Question for $5.00. Check it out —

SDHQ V1 Cover

This is the rough version — the final edition should have a few edits to the cover. In addition, I’m bringing along about 10 copies of each of the previous two collected volumes that Great Bear has so far put out:

ad284-theunnamedvol1cover 5a7a8-gbcsamplercover

Great Bear Comics Sampler #1, including…

-A Dude’s World #4

-Fiber Arts #2

-The Unnamed #1

-& The Sadie Hawkins Mysteries Chapter 1

The UnNamed Volume 1, including…

-The UnNamed Prequel: Molting

-The UnNamed #1/2: Lilith

-The UnNamed #1: In the Blood

This is only your second chance to get these collected stories, in full, and not just in a preview as most of them have been on Great Bear’s Word Press. So, if you’re in the Columbus area, be sure to come check out Mix, and maybe even pick up a couple of comics from the Mix conference store — there’s plenty more for sale beyond Great Bear’s volumes, not to mention the speakers (hello Dave Sims?), the presentations, and the workshops.

Growlingly yours,



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