The Secret Life of Dogs

Now for a sneak peak at a longer story that I’m working on for an international anthology of stories about dogs — which I am also co-editing with the incredibly talented comics creator, publisher, and visionary Vidyun Sabhaney. She makes comics with the equally amazing Shohei Emura, with whom she publishes as Captain Bijli Comics in Delhi. They have created several comics stories, including a radio guide, a short story in the awesome Pao Collective‘s first anthology (Pao: the anthology 1), and the large-format Mice Will Be Mice that tells the larger-than-life story of a mouse on a rampage (which you can buy for 3 dollars [!?!] on Amazan Kindle for digital readers and PC). Emura and Sabhaney also do fieldwork and research on visual storytelling in India — leading to their Image and Word workshop that took place this last May (and was apparently quite impressive — though you should see for yourself).

Anyway, to get back to the point of this post, here is a sneak preview of “The Street Life,” my 16-page contribution to that above mentioned anthology. In it, I tell the story of a dog on the streets of New Delhi, as she makes her way from an area near the center of the city, somewhere near Connaught Place, to the suburbs of South Delhi. I originally intended to have our protagonist, Jaggery, make her way from North Delhi to South Delhi, but realized that pacing-wise, it would be difficult to make work — not to mention that I wanted to get photos of the places where she would be walking while I was in Delhi in February, but ran out of time to get much of Northern neighborhoods.

These pages are mostly only pencil and wash as I scanned them earlier this summer in order to have some images of my comics pages in-process. Accordingly, much of the detail is inked on the first page – so as to show yet another step in the process. I am hoping to put up another post soon of the steps in my creative process — though now that I’m getting ready to make it, I’m thinking I’ll do it all with one page, rather than several at different points in the process. Remember, though, that since they’re rough, don’t be surprised if you notice odd marks, errors in text or design, and other rough edges.


Here they are, beginning with Page 1:




Page 2:



Page 3:


We’re expecting to have all the submissions for this here anthology early this autumn, so you should hopefully be hearing more about the collection sooner rather than later. That’s it for now, though.

Until tomorrow,




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