Various Comics #4: Comics Take Over the World

Well, well, it seems that it’s come time to discuss and post some spoiler-y images from the anthology that I did with students in my course, Comics Take Over the World, at Indiana University. I won’t be posting much from that collection, as my students deserve to post their own comics to their own blogs, but here, for your consideration, is the cover from that collection, which as I noted in talking about a mini-comic I created specifically for the class, is available at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, IN.

This image was originally drawn in pencil, followed by layers of pen and ink, and then green and yellow marker to add some color. The bird, top left, was an element that occurred in several stories in the collection — from one particularly excellent story about mountain-top removal to another about two highly competitive male pole dancers and a couple others.

The Cthulu-esque cover was inspired by the mini-comic “I Hate Adventure,” as I was not entirely sure what to put on the cover page. I had hoped to put said mini into the collection, but figured it would not fit with my students work. Now, I wish I had included it, potentially even as a mini-comic inserted into the anthology — both to make sense of the cover and give my students a story from/by me (as they each received a copy of this book — so long as I had a working address for them).

Their work was by and large quite awesome — I will be posting some samples of their work soon…

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