Various Comics #3: I Hate Adventure

So, back in Spring of 2012, I taught a course on creating and analyzing comics as a sort of guest Instructor at Indiana University. It was a bit rough going, as several students seemed to associate a class on comics with not-doing-any-work, but it was a really fun class to lead, not least because most of the students were incredibly smart and talented young women (which if you don’t know how much of an issue gender is with comics culture, you really should — see the work of Trina Robbins) and it even ended with a pretty awesome anthology of students’ work — which you might be able to find at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Indiana. The title is Comics Take Over the World — same as the course was — and the cover is the octopus from a story I created at the beginning of that course.

On the first day, I had students start making fairly rough 16-page mini-comics (each page being one of 16 segments on one of two sides of one sheet of paper)– which, sidenote, I will probably not try to do again with a group of not-so-art-familiar peoples (3 or even 10, maybe, but 16 was A LOT, in retrospect). And, to make things fair, I did it too — in less than 6 hours, I created the following comic. So, it was not supposed to be very good, if any good at all.

But I really love this little mini-comic…so, for your reading/viewing pleasure, here is “I Hate Adventure” from just over a year ago (January 2012).
















How about that? Don’t go venturing into your local public library, or you may find yourself int he clutches of an ancient, dread lord octopus creature. Or just enjoying a really good book in too much air conditioning (at least this time of year).

Growlingly yours,



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