Calm and Collected in Chicago

I just arrived in Chicago and so wound up spending some time catching up with one of my very good friends (B. of the hanging out in India since I was living in Delhi when she was living in Jaipur). Anyway, that’s not really important now…

What is important is that I’m here in Chicago for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (see here) — no, as I’ve already said, I don’t have a table (because I lost track of deadlines and didn’t even apply for one). But I wanted to go to the panels and see people’s work and just get to meet various comics related people — plus some of my friends live here and some of my friends are in town for the event. So, that’s that.

Why am I bringing this all up? Because, for those of you not in town or who don’t get a hold of one of comics I’m making a limited printing of — here are the covers. This way, you can at least ogle the collections from afar…

As you can see, the GBC Sampler #1 includes the full version of stories that you’ve already read here — along with the a soon-to-be-posted-about The Unnamed story, “In the Blood.”

And here we have all three completed The Unnamed stories — like I’ve said before, the characters have no obvious connection, but they will soon…

Well, that’s all for now — later, we’ll see some more about Fiber Arts. The first day of CAKE brings the first comic I made for the class on comics that I took in art school. Spoiler: it’s about a cat.

Until then,



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