The Unnamed #1/2 — a mini comic about a goddess of sorts

So, back in the spring of 2005 — after almost two whole years of swearing off of comics, I took a crack at the medium again when I signed up for a course on comics and visual narratives taught by the illustrious Phoebe Gloeckner. On the first day of said class, she assigned a 16-page mini comic and one of my very favorite assignments ever.


We spent much of the first day working on our comics and then discussing how to print and fold them — and then on the second day of class, we read all the comics and tried to guess who created which comics. Since not many of us knew each other or our visual styles very well at all, it was a bit tough — I sort of recognized my good friend T-bird’s line work, but not really. And when it came down to the very end, people had a hard time figuring out who had made mine.


Apparently, my line work and storytelling are very feminine — but my messy as shit hand-writing gave me away as being a guy and thus breaking the stalemate. People were a bit surprised that a guy would write a revisionist version of the myth of Lilith, but then, that’s kinda my gig — trying to tell stories that challenge how we tell stories (including the ones that use to frame our lives).


After said class, I realized that Lilith was not done, and I have written a short story or two about her, with plans for more — right now, she’s got a part coming up in the upcoming new comics in The Unnamed series, so, after the fact, I’m calling “Lilith” the 1/2 issue of the series. You won’t really get a sense of how the three issues I’ve done so far fit together until much later, but for now, here’s another peak into the world of The Unnamed…


…though not too big a peak — it’s a 16-page story, but since it’s a mini, you get 9 of ’em…














If you’d like to read the whole story, it’s available in The Unnamed Volume 1 — and I promise to have a means by which you may procure it soon! Great Bear is currently doing its FIRST PRINT RUN this week — in anticipation of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this weekend. Again, I’ll be there, but without a table, so you might have to hunt for my stuff…or just drop me a comment and we can work it out.


For now,





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