A Dude’s World #3 — and Some Updates

I am currently preparing for the upcoming Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) this weekend. Although I do not have an official table, I will be there with copies of Great Bear Comics Sampler #1 and The Unnamed Volume 1 for sale or trade — if you’re in town, you can try to find me or email me for a copy. And you can do the latter even if you’re not in Chicago this weekend…

A structural update — The organization and labeling of posts will change after the 15th, such that each post will be categorized according to the series of which it is a part (e.g. A Dude’s World #1 or Fiber Arts #3) to make GBC friendlier for you, dear readers. I’ll keep the titles (cuz I like ’em) but this way, you can follow one particular series or keep an eye out for collections of a particular kind of posts you like. The Etsy store is also still in the works, but might get pushed back to the end of the month, due to other obligations I have…

For now, though, we get the latest issue of A Dude’s World — #3 – The Beginning.

But, as an extra bonus, I’m gonna give you some insight into the editing process that goes on behind the scenes, especially for my older comics. These comics were often made in haste, on a super-tight budget, and as a hobby while I was in college, working part time, and doing activist work. So, they are not so good — particularly this last issue of DW. It was originally 26 pages, in fact, but the drawings and overall story were so weak that I gave up on it for a while.

In fact, I actually gave up on comics after I made this comic – here is the original cover, so you can see what all goes into revamping these pages…

But, then, after a year and a half, I took a class with my good friend (whom I shall refer to as T-bird) that was taught by the amazing Phoebe Gloeckner. Professor Gloeckner pushed me to keep finding inspiration and telling stories in comics, no matter what other people told me about my comics or about my art, but to work, at the same time, to be become a better and better creator.

Anyway, learning some of the more basic stuff about comics that I skipped certainly helped too — and you’ll see the vast improvements once I took that class in future comics.

For now, here’s the next 4 pages of DW#3 — it’s only 12 pages, so the preview is proportionally the same but actually shorter than issues 1 and 2. And beware: the cutting-down-of-story continues in DW #4, which is only 6 pages long.

Watch out for those tricky dream sequences…

You read that right — Star is taking a dump while Jason and his mom have a less-than-productive conversation…

Well, finally, Jason shape shifts into something less plain silly…possibly. You’ll have to get a copy of the whole story to find out.

Until next time…

Thank you for bearing with me,



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