The UnNamed #0: A Short Comic about Siblings…and Death by Flying Demons

Hey there! As promised, today we get a generous peak at The Unnamed #0 — it was originally the only issue of this series, but then another comic joined the same world in which this story is set. And so began The Unnamed series — which I will be posting about later this month.



The above cover was pretty haphazardly created — thus the awkward lettering. Don’t worry! I promise that the lettering in my comics got better — especially after I actually learned that it was a whole big thing called ‘lettering’ and not just ‘drawing words.’

This particular comic was created in the space of a few days in the summer of 2003 — during which I was also working on A Dude’s World #3. I was having some writer’s block and house-sitting for some friends during their honeymoon — and so I wound up having a movie night including Jeepers Creepers. Which inspired me to make my own version of siblings dealing with a flying demon…


I LOVE technology — many of the images of the main character that are relatively simple here, I just COMPLETELY overdrew when I made this comic. Which was easy to do, as I originally drew this on pretty crappy, thin paper in a cheap drawing notebook using a black ballpoint pen that was lower quality than most. But then, with the magic of Photoshop, I was able to go in and remove much of that detail, even shifting around features to make things look more like I had intended. I especially dig the lower right hand corner of the above page.

Still, I left a lot of the bad drawing as it was, in an attempt to be respectful of my work then. I basically limited  myself to the stuff I remember thinking needed fixing at the time.


I really like the imagery in this story — but one thing I would do differently now is that I would focus less on the moon and more on the landscape. I’d also probably make it a full moon to explain how Tara and her brother can see fairly well at night. Ha! I do really like the monster in this story too — I am already trying to imagine connections between him and other creatures in this same world.



So clearly I need to fix that hand on the steering wheel — haha! I didn’t even see that — anyway, I love the bottom panel the most of any in this story. I like the placement of Tara up front but utterly clueless — her brother in the background noticing danger as it’s about to destroy him — the trees and darkness beyond. Looking back on it, this was probably the first time I really let a story pace itself out — rather than trying to force storytelling into a 24-page comic that took forever to do (well).

Well, that’s it for now! The Unnamed #0 is only 6 pages (plus the title page), so you’ve certainly gotten plenty spoiled. It will be part of The Unnamed Volume 1 collection that I’ll be putting up for sale after all four stories (The Unnamed #0-3) are finished — and don’t worry, you’ll be getting sneak peaks at each of the later stories too. They have more to do with a young woman fighting off the apocalypse repeatedly (yes, I know, shades of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but Tara shows up there after a while…

So, for now, good night!


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