Update: Days and Hours Passing By

So, there are a few updates today before we get to the next post with supercool visual stories in it — first among them, I want to point you to my good friend and incredibly talented writer Carlea Holl-Jensen’s fantastic blog. In part, I’m pushing you that way because she pushed people my way by linking to Great Bear, but her stories and such are honestly awesome.

Also, a good while back, we worked on a zine together, which never really got off its feet, called Days and Hours. The theme was the seasons of the year, and we’d planned to have at least two issues a year, even if it was just our own stuff. Alas, it was not to be — as we both got bogged down in graduate school, work, and other obligations (and fun things, too). But, here, for your enjoyment, is the cover —

It was based on a photograph we saw in a public historical display that was so creepy that it inspired our stories for the collection. The theme wound up being vampires, with a pair of twin brothers in 1959 being our central protagonists…

There was also a mix (called Come Back), which you get to see for free:

1.        Kimya Dawson: My Rollercoaster Instrumental

2.        Howie Day: Help!

3.        The Shins: Australia

4.        Buffy Once More With Feeling: I’ve Got a Theory

5.        Weeping Tile: South of Me

6.        Ani Difranco: Virtue

7.        The Gandarvas: First Day of Spring

8.        Andrew Bird: Ethiobirds

9.        Bishop Allen: Rain

10.     Vampire Weekend: I Stand Corrected

11.     Bonnie Somerville: Winding Road

12.     Kimya Dawson: Speck of Dust

13.     U2: Walk On

14.     Doves: Willow’s Song

15.     The Smiths: Let Me Get What I Want

16.     Feist: So Sorry

17.     Nina Nastasia: Stormy Weather

18.     Yann Tiersen: Monochrome

19.     Wilco: When You Wake Up Feeling Old

20.     The Eels: Wooden Nickels

21.     Albert Hammond, Jr. : Transit

22. Estrella Morente: Volver

Secondly, as I did not say yesterday, later on today, we’ll be seeing some more screen-printing, but with a closer attention to the process of creating the print. I think it will be cool — but if you don’t dig it, please let me know! Comments, people — that’s the best way to let me know what you enjoy most or least…

Talk to you soon…


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