Fiber Arts #1: Fibers in Repeat

Before we get started, here’s the update on how to purchase my comics — I will soon open an Etsy store where you will be able to buy the Dude’s World comics. They will become available there as I reveal them on this blog. These first few comics, along with a collection of other comics, will serve as the litmus test for whether I keep said store going. Basically, it costs to post items to sell, and to just have the store open, so if nobody buys, it doesn’t make sense to keep it up.

In conclusion, if you are interested in buying any of my comics, either pick em up on said site (at the Great Bear Comics site which will be up soon) or drop me a line about getting them in person or when I’m next in your town. I know, that’s not fair to those of you who don’t live anywhere I regularly travel, but such is the life of a scholar/comics creator/instructor/editor type.

Now, on to this day’s post — today, you get a peak at some of my earliest fiber art works. In particular, during my first textile art class (2003 I think), I did my first screen print as a repeat of a young woman dreaming of herself dreaming of herself, to infinity (in theory). The story  behind this was that the poor girl had accidentally attained  nirvana or some such thing, and so was trapped in an infinity of naps  and dreams. Or so I imagined it when I made this print…

It was based on some ideas of time and infinity represented in Japanese art — though now I barely remember what exactly I was reading about. Here it is:

On top of that, check out my second screen print in repeat — which was, again, inspired by Japanese art. I wanted to do something involving dragons, and I needed to put something together for a demo of how to do prints in repeat for the introductory fiber arts course (as I was by then in my second year of it — it was 2004). I wanted to keep it simple but incorporate some elements of woodblock prints and some kimono designs that I found in several different books. So I wound up combining some unrelated design elements — but the result is kinda neat (if blurry).

I imagined that these two mystical dragons were playfully fighting one another in some other semi-magical realm, but got ensnared in eternally repeating the play-fight when they accidentally consumed each others’ tails — and so became the Ouroroboros — a symbol for eternity and other stuff (Hey now, I can’t do all your research for you! Go look it up.) The sun, the hills, the rocks, and the dragons were all pretty strongly based on imagery I found in the designs I talked about above — and I kinda dig it still.
The funny story behind both of these images is that they’re both from slides taken way back in 2004 — when that was the best way to store images of one’s art (or so I was told). Now, these images are pretty blurry, after having been scanned into a digital form using a household scanner (and thus not the strongest or best one). Well, such is the ever-changing nature of tech!

Next time, we’ll see more of A Dude’s World, with issue number 2 — made, about 8 months after I finished the first one in spring 2002, in the following fall. There’s no fancy cover, and the images are a bit messier, though I’ll do my best to tidy them up for readability. Come on, I gotta respect SOME of my old style of creating comics, even if it was terribly chaotic! Even if now I wince when I see the pages…
Enjoy until tomorrow,


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