The Great Bear is coming down from the sky to give you stories…visual stories!

Okay, that was fairly cheesey, but this post’s main point is to get things started and make you, dear readers, feel a little bit interested-excited in the launch of this itty-bitty Comics thingy. So, here’s a little bit of a spoiler, both for spoiling’s sake and because I’m fairly proud of how it came out.

This is a mostly-finished version, mostly because I have to edit it down in Photoshop, remove some errors, clarify some details, and do something with the letters D-O-G that is better than mere pencil-shading. This image was intended to work either as a frontispiece or a cover page or something similar for a collection that I am currently working on with the fantastic and illustrious Vidyun Sabhaney, researcher, comics creator, and collaborator with the equally fantastic and illustrious Shohei Emura. We’ll see what happens with the image — as we’re still getting things together. Anyway, they, and most of the severely awesome people contributing something to this little volume about dogs, are based out of Delhi, Goa, or elsewise in India.

Which is a bit far from Ann Arbor, Michigan, it’s true.

Anyway, enjoy this little preview, and get ready for the many-more-things coming your way starting this Saturday, June 1st.

Growlingly yours,


(Okay, that’s pretty cheesey too — but fun! Er…no?)


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