It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…bear!

Well, I’ve had more views today than in the entire last month, unsurprisingly, so in honor of all you all’s interest in my little site — here’s another little spoiler.

This one-page comic is based on an Indian folktale about two girls who go into the woods and run into a bear. There’s a ton of variants, but basically, the one friend runs off and leaves the other friend to be eaten by a bear. In the version I read, the bear whispers something like ‘Now you know what a true friend is’ and then walks off — but I guess in some other versions, the bear goes off and eats the other girl while the first one, who was left behind, goes home, safe and sound.
Process-wise, I broke it down into what I thought the most important moments were and then sketched everything fairly roughly in pencil, and then in more detail in pencil, too. I had intended to finish it off in ink (with pen and nib), but ran out of time for the deadline I had. So, I scanned it, darkened the shit out of it, and then edited it a bit in Photoshop to get it to look pretty much okay.
In the original format, it was accompanied by a retelling of the folktale in Hindi — as I originally made this for a Hindi class I took at IU. For the record, I bombed at the retelling when my instructor first unexpectedly called me up to give my presentation and then kept shouting at me to get started when I hesitated in order to gather my thoughts — there’s a video somewhere on the internets, though let’s hope it never finds the light of day…

Anyway, I liked it so much that I used it as the back cover for a collection I made of my students work called Comics Take Over the World (named after the course I designed and taught in Spring 2012). And now, here it is, likely never to be printed again. Enjoy!


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