Coming Soon…

Hello there!

Great Bear Comics (and Stuff) is a new project operated by myself, Jeremy Stoll, and it entails comics and other visual stories. The focus for the first little while will be on work produced by me — with an eye toward broadening outward as times goes on. That means not just comics but weavings and screen-prints, felted creatures and prose with pictures. For now, this site is pretty empty and should pretty much be labeled simply COMING SOON…

But just to give you some spoilers, the official launch for GBC will be this June 2013 — with 30 days of comics, cartoons, comic books, graphic novel excerpts, textile projects, little monsters with stories to tell, and even some chapters from an illustrated novel I’m working on called Sadie Hawkins and the Girl in Question. So, when June comes around, come back for some awesome-ness, starting with the official Great Bear Comic on June 1st. After that first month, I’ll be posting regular comics on a rotating basis (and I’ll have info on commissioning projects), but to give away more than that would be to ruin the surprise, methinks.

So, keep your eyes open for the great comics here at Great Bear,

and see you all in a little over a month,



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